SKY Q Satellite Packages

Sky Approved Partners
  • Get you connected

    If you have already had a Sky Engineer visit your property and they were unable to get you a signal, do not worry. Here at Handley Aerials, we will do anything we can for our customers to get connected. Simply give us a call! We can advise you on the next steps, as well as organising a visit from one of our experienced satellite installers to assess your situation

  • Refurbished Sky HD boxes

    If Sky Q isn't for you, and you're having trouble with, or want to add to your Sky HD system, we can still help you. We have an array of refurbished Sky HD boxes that we offer at a reduced price of £80 + VAT. These can be used to replace or to add to any Sky HD system


At Handley Aerials, we are Sky Approved Partners. We will help you to select your SKY viewing package, the equipment and the installation. Our own engineers can assist the Sky engineer install your SKY system on none standard installations.