Commercial Aerial Distribution Systems

Commercial Installation Prices

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  • Commercial Aerial Distribution Systems

    We are a UK wide commercial aerial distribution system installer.

    Hotels, apartments, schools, colleges, universities, halls of residence, hospitals, pubs usually require commercial aerial distributions systems in place to deliver TV and radio to many points, known as an IRS system or Integrated Reception System using a communal aerial and SMATV or Satellite Master Antenna TV.

    For commercial work we generally work with architects, building contractors and electricians to install aerials, satellite dishes, distribution and amplification equipment, cabling and end point equipment.

    With many new homes/apartments having a Fibre data connection to the property, there is also the ability to deliver all your TV services over a fibre network. A Fibre network can deliver TV services (Satellite Sky Q and Terrestrial TV as well as DAB radio) to over 10,000 homes from a single dish and aerial. For the developer this means no unsightly dishes or aerials during the selling and marketing of the properties.

    A Fibre IRS is all about choice for the home owner, all the services you would expect to get free of charge are available, along with the option, at an additional charge, of Sky pay TV


  • New Installations

    We would normally design the aerial distribution system, then work within the overall project to deliver it. Health and safety is important to us, we have full risk assessment documents available.

    Cabling is often done by the electrical contractor to our plan, using the cable we specify.

  • Renovations

    We are very experienced in managing aerial systems for renovation work carried out by housing associations and councils, including replacement of old aerial distribution equipment.

  • Aerial Installation for Renovation Projects

    Housing Associations, Councils

    At Handley Aerials we are very experienced in aerial installation and managing the move of TV aerial and satellite dish systems during property renovation work carried out by housing associations and councils.

    Tenants, occupiers and home owners, if still in residence during a property renovation project, will want an uninterrupted TV service. With our help this is possible by:

    Temporary removal of TV aerials and satellite dishes, then fixing to scaffolding or other temporary structure

    Refitting and setting up TV aerials and dishes after work is complete

    Fitting new installations on existing properties including cabling, aerials and satellite dishes

    Fitting distribution systems in renovated properties, important if a communal TV and audio service is to be provided.


All the TV aerials and coaxial cables that we use are benchmark tested by the CAI, and carry the digital tick of approval. We use the Antiference and Whyte range of Digital TV aerials and amplification equipment. All of our engineers carry Digital test meters and will check the signal strength to advise you what equipment will be required to give you the best reception. To repair a TV Aerial on a domestic property: £45/hr + parts + VAT